Summary of Inspection Statistics - Mandatory Plant Goods 2015

This dataset provides a summary of the Import Inspection Statistics for Mandatory Goods 2015. Mandatory goods are those which require phytosanitary certificates ('Phytosanitary Certificates' are produced by plant health authorities to certify that a plant commodity is healthy prior to export). Mandatory goods have a 100% inspection rate, as they are considered to be 'high risk' materials. This dataset includes the fields: Type of Inspection (Mandatory - 100% inspection rate for high risk material; Controlled - where the commodity is subject to regulated inspections; Reduced - low-risk import goods for which inspections are permitted at a less than 100% rate), Botanical Name, Number of consignments, Plant Health Movement Document (PHMD) supplied?, Consignment corrected total for PHMD, Inspection count, Inspected %, Document check count, Doc %, ID check count, ID check %, Failed physical, Failed physical %, Failed doc, Failed doc %, Failed ID, Failed ID %, Total failed, Total failed %. Percentage figures shown are for the reporting period indicated, and deonte the percentage of checks done on a named commodity for the reporting period. Attribution statement: ©Crown Copyright, APHA 2016

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