Special Protection Areas (SPAs)site details

This dataset contains basic site details for each and every Special Protection Area (SPA). Special Protection Areas (SPAs) are strictly protected sites classified in accordance with Article 4 of the EC Birds Directive, which came into force in April 1979. They are classified for rare and vulnerable birds (as listed on Annex I of the Directive), and for regularly occurring migratory species. The EU Commission requires information on each site to be compiled in the form of a Standard Data Form. This dataset is updated every time a new or amended batch of information is submitted to the EU Commission. This dataset contains information drawn from the following sections of the Standard Data Form. Sections 1, 2 (except 2.5) + sections 4.2 (quality and importance) and 4.1 - site characteristics. From December 2015 onwards this included the following fields SITE_CODE SITE_NAME Status Country IS_MARINE (1= yes 0 = no) SITE_MARINE_AREA % of site Zone (Inshore/offshore or terrestrial) LOCAL_AUTHORITY Overview SITE_AREA ha Site_length_km Latitude Longitude X_coord (eastings on GB grid) Y_coord (northings on GB grid) Grid_ref SITE_COMP_DATE - date form first compiled Date_first_classified SITE_QUALITY (section 4.2 of the data form) SITE_CHARACTERISTICS SITE_SPA_LEGAL_REF SITE_EXPLANATIONS

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