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Scottish Forestry Grant Scheme - SFGS

Following publication of the Scottish Executive’s Scottish Forestry Strategy 'Forests for Scotland' the opportunity was taken to review the Woodland Grant Scheme and the Farm Woodland Premium Scheme and give them a greater Scottish focus.

The resulting scheme - the Scottish Forestry Grants Scheme (SFGS) - encouraged the creation and management of woods and forests to provide economic, environmental and social benefits.

Grants were available under three main areas: - Grants for woodland expansion - creating new woodlands. - Restocking grants, for replanting following felling. - Stewardship grants, for a range of activities in existing woodlands.

Applications for SFGS grants started in June 2003 and closed in August 2006.

Most grants for SFGS were based on a percentage of Standard Costs of agreed operations. The Standard Cost took account of the costs of labour, plants, machinery, materials and supervision to do work to the specification as set out in the SFGS Standard Costs and Specifications Booklet.

Depending upon the level of public benefit, grant payments were either at 60% or 90% of the Standard Cost. In the case of restocking, Standard Costs were mostly pitched at 75% of the new planting Standard Costs.

Grants were available for planting proposals that met one or more of the following objectives:

  • Establishing well-designed productive woodland.
  • Expanding areas of native woodland, preferably through natural regeneration and the development of Forest Habitat Networks.
  • Improving riparian habitat.
  • Improving the quality and setting of urban or post-industrial areas.
  • Improving the diversity of the farmed and crofting landscape.

Details of all eligible operations are set out within the 'Applicants Booklet' available from Conservancy Offices.


The abbreviations below list the SFGS objectives proposals are designed to meet:

Establishment grants

P1 to establish well-designed productive forest P2 to expand the area of native woodland P3 to improve a riparian habitat P4 to improve the quality and setting of urban or post-industrial areas P5 to improve the diversity of the farmed/crofting landscape

Stewardship Grants

S1 to improve timber quality S2 to reduce deer numbers S3 to improve the ecological value of native woodlands S4 to improve woodland biodiversity S5 to enhance landscape value S6 to develop alternative systems to clear-felling S7 to develop woodland recreation S8 to develop community involvement

Restocking grants

R1 to produce well designed productive forest R2 to restore areas of native woodland R3 to improve riparian habitat R4 to improve the quality and setting of urban or post-industrial areas R5 to improve the diversity of the farmed/crofting landscape


F1 Clear felling F2 Selective felling F3 Continuous Cover F4 Thinning

Other land

OL is not grant aided

**** SPATIAL DATA ********

There are four spatial datasets associated with SFGS. These represent the scheme boundaries, management plan boundaries, sub-compartment boundaries and deer fence lines within each approved SFGS scheme.

Each SFGS spatial dataset is accompanied by a specific non-spatial database table. The datasets can be related to each other on a 'many to one' basis. This reflects the fact that many SFGS operations may occur within one spatial geography (eg.a sub-compartment).

The 'SFGS Sub-Compartments' spatial dataset can be 'related' to the 'SFGS Link Sub-Compartment Operations' table using the 'SC_Link' attribute field.

SFGS Sub-Compartments - Spatial Attributes :-

Attributes: SchemeNo SFGS Scheme number Compt_No Compartment number Sub_Compt Sub compartment letter SC_Link Concatenated field used to relate spatial data to table Descriptor Description of spatial feature SchemeName Name of SFGS Scheme Cons_Name Conservancy Cont_Start Date contract started Grid_Ref National grid reference Local_Auth Local Authority Status Scheme status

SFGS Link Sub-Compartment Operations - Database Table Attributes :-

Atributes: SC_Link Concatenated field used to relate table to spatial data Scheme_Type Type of scheme (SFGS, Forest Plan, etc) Grant_Type Grant type code Descriptor Description of grant type Claim_No Claim number Inst_No Instalment number for planting Quantity Length, number or area of operation Unit Unit of operation (eg. metres, visits, hectares) Pct_Cost Percentage of total cost paid under SFGS Pay_Rate Payment rate per unit (£) Grant _Paid Amount of grant paid (£) Pay_In_FY Financial year in which payment should be made Species Tree species PYear Planting year Area_ha Area in hectares Stock_Dens Stocking density of planting Obj_Code SFGS Objective code (see above for full descriptions)

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