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Forest Plans were introduced for landowners planning to carry out felling, restocking and thinning in their woodlands over a 20 year period.

The Forestry Commission (now Scottish Forestry) provided a grant to help prepare a plan (Plan Preparation Grant) and owners can claim restocking grants set at the same rate as the Woodland Grant Scheme (1999 - 2003) or Scottish Forestry Grant Scheme (2003 - 2006).

Once the plan is approved, a Forest Plan contract provides felling and restocking approval for 10 years.

Forest Plans (SFGS) were closed to new applications in December 2006.

Dataset Attributes: Descriptor Description of the spatial feature SchemeNo Forest Plan number SchemeName Name of the Forest Plan Status Current status Prop_Type Property type (business, personal, voluntary) Owner_Type Owner type (owner, trust) Grid_Ref National grid reference Local_Auth Local Authority Cont_Start Forest Plan contract start date Cont_End Forest Plan contract end date Cons_Name Conservancy name Area_ha Total area of work type

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