OSNI Open Data - Largescale Boundaries - Wards (2012)

The OSNI Largescale Wards 2012 is a polygon dataset consisting of District Electoral Areas derived from OSNI Largescale. The boundaries were delineated in 2012 under the Local Government (Boundaries) Order (Northern Ireland) 2012. The OSNI Large-scale boundaries is a polygon dataset consisting of Standard Electoral Wards set in 2012. The data has been extracted from OSNI Largescale database and has been topologically cleansed and attributed to create a seamless dataset.This service is published for OpenData. By download or use of this dataset you agree to abide by the LPS Open Government Data Licence.Please Note for Open Data NI Users: Esri Rest API is not Broken, it will not open on its own in a Web Browser but can be copied and used in Desktop and WebmapsPlease note, due to loading issues we have had to generalise this dataset to reduce the number of vertices required for each polygon.  

This means the boundaries do not follow the official lines in full detail.  The changes are minimal but if you need the fully detailed boundary layer please contact OSNI at Mapping.Helpdesk@finance-ni.gov.uk

Although this is sufficient for the majority of business use and analysis, for any business requiring official representation, the original boundary dataset should be used.

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