OSNI Open Data - 1:1Million Raster - Town and City Locations

1:1,000,000 raster map of Northern Ireland with place names. A raster map is a static image displayed on screen which is suitable as background mapping. 1:1 000,000 Raster is smallest scale OSNI raster product giving an excellent overview of Northern Ireland. Published here for OpenData. By download or use of this dataset you agree to abide by the Open Government Data Licence.Please Note for Open Data NI Users: Esri Rest API is not Broken, it will not open on its own in a Web Browser but can be copied and used in Desktop and Webmaps

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Source https://osni-spatialni.opendata.arcgis.com/datasets/spatialni::osni-open-data-11million-raster-town-and-city-locations
Last Updated June 27, 2022, 20:11 (UTC)
Created January 10, 2022, 19:36 (UTC)