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GB_ROADS is compiled from Forest road network data managed by Forestry Civil Engineering. The data relates to forest road Classification.

Forest Roads are categorised on the basis of intended usage (as listed below) rather than the specification used in their construction or upgrading. This can mean that, at a particular point in time, a Class A main road or a Class B spur road may have specification features that could limit its use.

Class A - Main Roads Principal timber haulage route on a long-term basis. Constructed to high specification. Maintained to a high standard. Limiting features shown on road map. All year but not all weather.

Class B - Spur Roads Used by timber haulage lorries for specific operations. Full geometric and safety standards for stated use. Specification tailored to suit purpose. Possibility that surfacing not high quality or durable. Long term maintenance minimal. Each usage subject to individual engineering assessment. Limiting features noted for each particular contract.

Class C - Other Roads Roads other than Main or Spur roads. Maintenance dependent on usage. Not normally used by timber haulage lorries. Use by timber haulage lorries subject to the same individual engineering assessment as Class B roads.

Attributes: EVT_LEN : total length of event on road segment RD_REF : reference prescribed by FCE to road segment RD_NUMBER : number prescribed by FCE to road segment RD_NAME : where applicable, local name prescribed by FCE to road segment(s) RD_CLASS : current Forestry Civil Engineering classification type of road DISTRICT : Cost Centre in which road segment occurs COUNTRY : Country in which road segment occurs

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