Local Authority District to Combined Authority (December 2018) Lookup in EN (V2)

A lookup file between local authority districts (LAD) and combined authorities (CAUTH) in England as at 31st December 2018. 

The names of the combined authorities in this product reflect those that are in common use, both within the areas and beyond. It should be noted that the names are not always the same as the names in the Statutory Instruments that established them. This is because the statutory names are often very long and not suitable for the presentation of statistics.  (File Size - 16 KB) File updated to include the change to North East combined authority and the creation of North of Tyne combined authority

Field Names - LAD18CD, LAD18NM, CAUTH18CD, CAUTH18NM

Field Types - Text, Text, Text, Text

Field Lengths - 9, 28, 9, 31REST URL of Feature Access Service – https://services1.arcgis.com/ESMARspQHYMw9BZ9/arcgis/rest/services/LAD18_CAUTH18_EN_LU_v2_0e5ff75a9ac6484ab9164d493e459c88/FeatureServer

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Field Value
Source https://open-geography-portalx-ons.hub.arcgis.com/maps/ons::local-authority-district-to-combined-authority-december-2018-lookup-in-en-v2
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