Local Administrative Units, level 1 (January 2018) Boundaries UK BFE

This file contains the digital vector boundaries for Local Administrative Units Level 1, in the United Kingdom, as at January 2018. The boundaries are full resolution - extent of the realm (usually this is the Mean Low Water mark but in some cases boundaries extend beyond this to include off shore islands). Contains both Ordnance Survey and ONS Intellectual Property Rights.REST URL of ArcGIS for INSPIRE View Service – https://services1.arcgis.com/ESMARspQHYMw9BZ9/arcgis/rest/services/LAU1_(Jan_2018)_FEB_in_the_UK/MapServerREST URL of ArcGIS for INSPIRE Feature DownloadService – https://dservices1.arcgis.com/ESMARspQHYMw9BZ9/arcgis/services/LAU1_Jan_2018_Full_Extent_Boundaries_in_the_UK/WFSServer?service=wfs&request=getcapabilitiesREST URL of Feature Access Service – https://services1.arcgis.com/ESMARspQHYMw9BZ9/arcgis/rest/services/LAU1_Jan_2018_FEB_in_the_UK_2022/FeatureServer

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