International Territorial Levels Level 2 (January 2021) Names and Codes in the United Kingdom

This file contains names and codes for International Territorial Levels, Level 2 (ITL1) in the United Kingdom as at the 1st January 2021.  (File Size - 16 KB)Field Names - ITL221CD, ITL221NM, FIDField Types - Text, TextField Lengths - 4, 48FID = The FID, or Feature ID is created by the publication process when the names and codes / lookup products are published to the Open Geography portal.To distinguish the UK classification from its EU predecessor, the UK-managed classification will be referred to as UK International Territorial Levels (ITLs). We are committed to ITLs aligning with international standards, enabling comparability both over time and internationally, and we will actively monitor global standards to ensure we are following and contributing to the development of world-class statistics. To ensure continued alignment between UK official statistics and international standards, the ITLs will be established as a mirror to the pre-existing NUTS system and will follow a similar timetable to the review of the NUTS system, meaning ITLs will be reviewed every 3 years. New official GSS codes will be developed for the ITL geography aligned with existing NUTS codes. Statistical users are encouraged to adopt the ITL geography from 1 January 2021 as a replacement to NUTS. Lookups between NUTS and ITL geographies will be maintained and published until 2023.REST URL of Feature Access Service –

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