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Scotland’s woodlands and forests are a vital national resource and play an important role in rural development and sustainable land use.

As well as helping to reduce the impacts of climate change and providing timber for industry, our forests enhance and protect the environment and provide opportunities for public enjoyment.

The Forestry Grant Scheme (FGS) will support: - the creation of new woodlands, contributing towards the Scottish Government target of over 10,000 hectares of new woodlands per year - the sustainable management of existing woodlands


This dataset contains three species conservation options. The aims of these option are as follows:

Grey Squirrel Control -

The aim of this option is to support the targeted control of grey squirrels (Sciurus carolinensis) in areas where they are a threat to red squirrel (S. vulgaris) populations. This is an annual recurrent grant to support the labour costs for effective grey squirrel control. This includes the setting and monitoring of traps, the humane despatch of live animals and the completion of cull returns.

Predator Control for Capercaillie and Black Grouse -

This option offers support for predator control to benefit capercaillie and black grouse which are vulnerable to predation. This option is only available on forested land. This is an annual grant to support the costs of labour and materials needed to undertake predator control within a 1.5 kilometre radius around active lek or breeding sites. This includes labour costs for shooting and trapping of pest mammals and birds, the monitoring of traps, the humane despatch of live animals, the completion of annual monitoring returns, and associated material costs such as traps.

Reducing Deer Impact -

The aim of this option is to reduce deer impacts to a level that will allow the regeneration of unprotected soft conifer and broadleaved species at a landscape scale, to help diversify forests and improve their conservation value. Grants are available to help reduce deer numbers or maintain them in the range of five to 10 deer per square kilometre. This is an annual grant to support the costs of labour for culling and monitoring deer populations.

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