FGS Long Term Forest Plan

This option aims to provide support for the creation of a long-term forest plan that sets out the management objectives for private woodlands. This is for the long-term management of woodlands over 10 to 20 years and is aimed at (but not limited to) woodlands of 100 hectares or more in size.

Support is given to help prepare a Forest Plan through the SRDP's Woodland Improvement Grant (WIG) for long-term forest planning. An approved Forest Plan will give a 10 year approval for felling, thinning and will provide the means of accessing grants for restructuring and regeneration and other grant support through the Forestry Grant Scheme.

This dataset stores information on the Forest Plan boundary, the 1st and 2nd clearfell phases (1-5 years and 6-10 years) and areas managed under Low Impact Silvicultural Systems (LISS). This dataset also includes approved plans that were not funded through FGS, these have references starting '99'.


SCHEME_REF : FGS Scheme Reference Number. FOREST_PLAN_NAME : The name of the Forest Plan FEATURE_DESCRIPTION : Feature Description DATE_APPROVED : Date of Approval FELL_START : Start year of felling phase. FELL_END : End year of felling phase. CNT_END : Contract end date. CLAIMED_AREA_HA : Area claimed for the Forest Plan. This only applies to the FP Boundary. RPAC : Regional Proposal Assessment Committee LOCAL_AUTH : Local Authority CONS_NAME : Conservancy GRID_REF : National Grid Reference GIS_AREA : Area of captured polygon

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