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This dataset comprises of Yorkshire Water Customer Meter data both actual and estimated readings for domestic properties in the Yorkshire Water operational area. The dataset has been anonymised to remove personal data and make it Data Protection Act compliant. There is 5 years worth of data for 2010 - 2015.  Dataset guidance

POSTAL_TOWN - Name of postal town (e.g. Bradford). POSTCODE_OUTCODE - First part of post code (e.g. BD10). PROPERTY_CLASS - "House" measured by Ratable Value (RV) or "All New Domestic Property" METER_KEY - Common reference to link meter readings together over time. READING_START_DATE - Start of metered period. READING_END_DATE - End of metered period. READING_START_READING - Start reading at start of metered period. READING_END_READING - End reading at end of metered period. GROSS_COMSUMPTION - (READING_END_READING)-(READING_START_READING).  One unit = 1m3 (1000 litres) DAILY_AVERAGE_CONSUMPTION - GROSS_CONSUMPTION/(READING_END_DATE-READING_START_DATE) READING_SOURCE - Source of meter reading (customer, YW meter reader etc) CUSTOMER_TYPE - determines who is responsible for paying the bill - the occupier (space) or the landlord (A or L). Where this is an I, it means that the meter reading isn't being used to create the bill - these are what are called 'check meters' and exist on domestic properties so we still read them, and are valid water use readings, but the customer has reverted to being billed using rateable value. This usually happens when they request a meter on the basis that they think it will be cheaper, but then find it isn't so are allowed to revert back. BILLPAYER_AGE - is the average age of the billpayers in the household where their dates of birth are known. For some, we don't know their dates of birth. For those households where there are multiple bill payers (Mr & Mrs usually, or students), then it is the average age. (As of June 2015 for that Meter Key.  Will not be true for previous years).  This has been further anonymised into age ranges in case people can be identified. CURRENT_OCCUPANCY_AGE - Time current occupier has been at property (As of June 2015 for that Meter Key.  Will not be true for previous years)

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