Census Area Statistics (CAS) Wards (January 2003) Names and Codes in the United Kingdom

This file contains the names and codes for Census area statistics wards in the UK as at January 2003. Census area statistics (CAS) wards are used for 2001 Census outputs (File Size 263KB).REST URL of Feature Access Service – https://services1.arcgis.com/ESMARspQHYMw9BZ9/arcgis/rest/services/WDCAS_JAN_2003_UK_NC_a5519664f7e24513b61650eedba081f0/FeatureServer

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Source https://open-geography-portalx-ons.hub.arcgis.com/maps/ons::census-area-statistics-cas-wards-january-2003-names-and-codes-in-the-united-kingdom-1
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