Built-up Areas (December 2011) Boundaries EW BGG V2

This file contains the digital vector boundaries for built-up areas in England and Wales as at 27 March 2011 (Census day). The built-up area boundaries are generalised and created using an automated approach based on a 50m grid squares. UPDATE - 22/06/2017 - This boundary set has been updated with a new field (URBAN_BUA) describing whether the BUA has a population of 10000 or more (2011 Census) usual residents. No boundaries have been altered. Please note that this product contains both Ordnance Survey and ONS Intellectual Property Rights. 

REST URL of ArcGIS for INSPIRE View Service – https://services1.arcgis.com/ESMARspQHYMw9BZ9/arcgis/rest/services/Built-up_Areas_(Dec_2011)_Boundaries_V2/MapServer

REST URL of Feature Access Service – https://services1.arcgis.com/ESMARspQHYMw9BZ9/arcgis/rest/services/Built_up_Areas_Dec_2011_Boundaries_V2_2022/FeatureServer

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