Top Hole - Bottom Hole Straight Line Connection (ETRS89)

A wellbore is a path of drilled footage from the Well Origin to a terminating point. The location of each wellbore is the wellbore’s well origin. A well origin is the location on the surface of the earth or sea bed where the drill bit penetrates the earth to establish or rework a well. Definitions for wellbore and well origin taken from PPDM ‘what is a well’: collection starts once a well has been spudded when the operator submits a spud notification on WONS. The NSTA will issue an official well number via WONS, which is to be used for all data and records resulting from the well’s drilling.All well data requirements are set out in the documents Petroleum Operations Notices (PON) 9 (offshore) and PON 9b (onshore). Onshore operators have a statutory obligation to also supply well data to the British Geological Survey (BGS). Visit the BGS website for more information.Well Bottom Hole is the bottom hole location of the borehole at its final measured total depth.Top Hole - Bottom Hole, Straight Line Connection is a straight line connection from the top hole location and bottom hole location, it is not a wellbore path.

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