LIDAR Composite DTM 2022 - 1m

The LIDAR Composite DTM (Digital Terrain Model) is a raster elevation model covering >95% of England at 1m spatial resolution.

Produced by the Environment Agency in 2022, this dataset is derived from a combination of our Time Stamped archive and National LIDAR Programme, which has been merged and re-sampled to give the best possible coverage. Where repeat surveys have been undertaken the newest, best resolution data is used. Where data was resampled a bilinear interpolation was used before being merged.

The 2022 LIDAR Composite contains surveys undertaken between 6th June 2000 and 2nd April 2022. Please refer to the survey index files which shows, for any location, what Time Stamped survey or National LIDAR Programme block went into the production of the LIDAR composite for a specific location.

The DTM (Digital Terrain Model) is produced from the last return LIDAR signal. We remove surface objects from the Digital Surface Model (DSM), using bespoke algorithms and manual editing of the data, to produce a terrain model of just the surface. Available to download as GeoTiff files in 5km grids, data is presented in metres, referenced to Ordinance Survey Newlyn, using the OSTN’15 transformation. All LIDAR data has a vertical accuracy of +/-15cm RMSE.

Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) is an airborne mapping technique, which uses a laser to measure the distance between the aircraft and the ground. Up to 500,000 measurements per second are made of the ground, allowing highly detailed terrain models to be generated at spatial resolutions of between 25cm and 2 metres. The Environment Agency’s open data LIDAR archives includes the Point Cloud data, and derived raster surface models of survey specific areas dating back to 1998 and composites of the best data available in any location.

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