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  • tpo_polygons

    This dataset provides a Tree Preservation Area layer in polygons, taken from the authorities Planning System. This layer should be reviewed alongside the TPO point layer.
  • tpo_points

    This dataset provides a Tree Preservation Area layer in points, taken from the authorities Planning System
  • town_centres_2008

    Basildon Borough Town Centres layers used for various studies in 2008. Shows
  • sea_swimming_pools_2008

    The Sustainable Environmental Assessment explored Swimming Pools available to residents in 2008....
  • sea_schools_2008

    This layer was used in the Sustainable Environmental Assessment to define where local education opportunities were to the Basildon Borough....
  • sea_recycling_points_2008

    The sustainable environmental assessment had to define where development and infrastructure met, this layer accounted for recycling points in 2008
  • sea_local_wildlife_sites_2008

    The Sustainable Environmental Assessment required a rounded view of the impact of development within the environment, this layer provides an insight into the Local wildlife...
  • sea_libraries_2008

    The sustainable environment assessment required the authority to review local infrastructure - this account for libraries. This layer appears to only account for the main...
  • sea_leisure_centres_2008

    The sustainable environmental assessment had to account for leisure centre accessibility. This layer was made to enable potential sites of development to be identified against...
  • sea_higher_and_further_education_2008

    The sustainable environmental assessment required to review the proximity of higher and further education establishments in 2008.
  • sea_gps_2008

    The sustainable environmental assessment required to account for potential delivery and health infrastructure. As such a layer of General Practitioners (GPs) of the time was...
  • sea_ecc_waste_allocations_2008

    The Sustainable Environmental Assessment Study identified areas of Essex County Council waste allocations in 2008. The review took this layer into account.
  • sea_dentists_2008

    Properties identified as being Dentists in 2008, for the Sustainable Environment Assessment
  • sea_crematoria_2008

    The sustainable environment assessment must account for crematoria, and this layer was used to define the position of Basildon Borough in 2008
  • sea_comprehensive_development_area_2008

    The Basildon Local Plan defined the area of the Comprehensive Development Area. This has not been revoked, but has had variations of development on it. The sustainable...
  • sea_community_centres_2008

    Community Centres were mapped for the sustainable environmental assessment of 2008. This was used to show where development could be best placed to leverage current services and...
  • sea_chemists_and_pharmacies

    This dataset shows the locations of Pharmacists and Chemists as used in the Sustainable Environmental Assessment of 2008....
  • sea_amenity_sites_2008

    The sustainable environmental assessment defined where development within Basildon Borough met other developments. This layer isolated the known amenity sites for this period...
  • basildon_trainstations

    This dataset shows the points of railway stations for access employment analysis...
  • basildon_shlaa2013

    This dataset shows the proposals sent in to the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment in 2013....
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