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  • Transaction Data

    Transaction Data shows how many customer applications we completed in the previous month. We publish 5 different versions of this dataset. They're normally available to...
  • National Charge Point Registry

    A real-time view of Publicly Accessible PiV (plugged-in vehicle) Charge Points within the UK. Please ignore the "last updated" date as the API accesses data which is updated...
  • Meta-data for data.gov.uk datasets

    A dataset of all the meta-data for all of the datasets available through the data.gov.uk service. This is provided as a zipped CSV or JSON file. It is published nightly....
  • Pharmacies

    This report describes all pharmacy practices that are contracted by the NHS to provide services to the public.
  • Social care locations

    This is a report on the locations belonging to social care providers in England that are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC).
  • GP practices and surgeries

    Name, address and contact details for GP branches in England This file contains a list of active GP branches. The data is aligned with ODS GP data so the identifier is the ODS...
  • Clinics

    This report contains information about clinics in England. NHS Choices considers clinics as locations that provide predominantly outpatient services.
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