2015 SSE Renewables Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm pre-construction drop down video survey

A pre-construction benthic characterisation survey was conducted by APEM Ltd at the proposed Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm (OWF) and Annex 1 Habitat Survey of the Offshore Transmission Works (OfTW) cable corridor (APEM ref 413984, client ref ED518) between the 22nd and the 27th June 2015. The aim of the survey was to collect grab samples that will provide baseline data on the benthic ecology and sediment composition within the OWF area. Additionally the survey was to utilise Drop Down Video (DDV) to determine the presence of potential cobble reef Annex 1 habitats (EC Habitats Directive) the OfTW cable export corridor and investigate sites of potential archaeological importance within both the OWF area and export route. Two transects (running N-S and E-W) were completed at 10 potential cobble reef sites and one potential pockmark feature. For each transect still images were taken every 15 seconds. One image from each minute of the transects was analysed for faunal and floral abundance. This dataset presents results of analysis of those images.

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